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Kerala Association of Professional Social Workers (KAPS)
Empower – Journal of Social Work

An Overview:
Empower – The Journal of Social Work (E-TJSW), a peer-reviewed bi-annual journal was launched in Oct 2020 by Kerala Association of Professional Social Workers (KAPS). The purpose of the E-TJSW is to disseminate knowledge useful for social work from all fields and settings of practice. The Journal will be a medium that will be used by Professional Social Workers and Social Work trainees for sharing knowledge and best practices, besides those who work using knowledge produced by Social Workers. Social Work profession needs to have more knowledge in its practice. The evidences of good practices needs to reach all social workers. As the name of the journal suggests, the knowledge that E-TJSW generates and conveys, will empower Social Workers and the Social Work Profession as a whole. Empower –The Journal of Social Work, will be published twice annually, during the months of April and October.


Year :

2021 – Volume. 2 , Issue 1

2021 – Volume. 2 , Issue 2
The main objectives of the E-TJSW are to:
• Cater to the need for literature on social work, and
• Be a medium of dissemination of indigenous work being carried out in India.
Empower –The Journal of Social Work started publishing in October 2020 with six articles.

Objectives and Scopes

Empower – The Journal of Social Work (E-TJSW) was initiated by KAPS with the following *objectives* in mind:
1. To serve as a medium for publishing the research work undertaken by Professional Social Workers (PSWs)
2. To encourage original research in Social Work.
3. To develop indigenous literature and update the knowledge-base in Social Work by publishing significant developments in the field of Social Work in India as well as abroad.
4. To complement the efforts at improving the standards of Professional Social Work globally
5. To act as a medium for bringing together Social Workers and sharing indigenous knowledge
The scope of E-TJSW is to archive literature as well as best practices relevant to different areas of Social Work and allied to Social Work. It will cover Social Work practitioners, Social Work researchers, besides academicians and student trainees in Social Work.

E-TJSW Guidelines for submission of articles
‘Empower – The Journal of Social Work ’ invites articles relevant and useful to the social work field on theoretical or field based themes. Article may not exceed 5000 words. Articles should be typed in ‘Times New Roman’ font, in ‘Microsoft Word’ and to be sent to ‘empowerjournal@gmail.com’ as attachment along with abstract not exceeding 200 words.
Article should be accompanied with a declaration by author/authors that the article is author’s original work and it has not been published /not been submitted to any other publisher for publication. Articles will be accepted only if recommended by peer referees. Article is to be prepared in APA format.

All the communications regarding the articles should be addressed to ‘editor, Empower- The Journal of Social Work’ at ‘empowerjournal@gmail.com’. The correspondences will be made only with the main author of the articles.

Criteria for Review: Every article will be reviewed on the basis its relevance of the topic for social work knowledge, contemporary relevance, originality of work, methodology (if it is a research work), clarity and logical arrangement, correctness of analysis (if any), appropriateness and format of references and language.

Copyright: Once the article is accepted after review and the acceptance is communicated to the author, the copyright of the article is owned by Kerala Association of Professional Social Workers (KAPS). It should not be reproduced elsewhere without the written permission of KAPS by chief editor.

Reference Style: The citation and paraphrasing are to be supported with appropriate explanation. The source of citations is to be properly acknowledged. Last name of the author and year of publication are cited in the text. The reference list should provide complete information of the work in APA 7th style format.

Editorial Board
The editorial board and advisory boards of E-TJSW consist of experts in different fields of social work and publishing from India and abroad.

Editorial Board
Advisory Team: Mrs. Lida Jacob IAS (Retd.),

Dr. Joseph Sebastian,

Mr. Dileep Kumar

Chief Editor: Dr. Sonny Jose, Head, Dept. of Social Work, Loyola College, Trivandrum
Ph.+91-9895364053 Email: sonny.jose@gmail.com
Associate Editor: Dr. Ipe Varughese, Head, Dept. of Social Work, BCM College, Kottayam
Ph.+91-9446448215. Email: ipevarughese2020@gmail.com

Editorial Board Members:
Prof. Ghandi Doss, Former Head, Dept. of Social Work, Bangalore University, Karnataka
Ph.+91-9844314203. Email:ghandidoss@gmail.com
Dr.Cherian P Kurien, Director, MITLE, Marian College (Autonomous), Kuttikkanam, Kerala
Ph. +91-9446860738, Email: cpkurien@gmail.com
Fr. Dr. Joseph Mannooparambil, Head, Dept. of Social Work, RCSS (Autonomous), Ernakulam, Kerala
Ph.+91-7907888124, Email:emkay@rajagiri.edu
Prof. Abraham Francis, James Cook University, Australia
Email: francis@jcu.edu.au
Dr. Baiju Pallicka Vareed, Mac Ewan University, Edmonton, Canada
Email: tobaiju@gmail.com
Dr. Anish K R, RCSS (Autonomous), Ernakulam, Kerala
Ph.+91-9447200702, Email:anishkrk@gmail.com
Dr. Jose Antony (ASSK), SSUS, Kalady
Ph.+91-9446217759 Email: josearickal@gmail.com.
Dr. Rajeev S.P (ASSK), RCSS, Ernakulam, Kerala
Ph.+91-9847891414, Email:rajeev@rajagiri.edu
Mrs. Mini A P (SWOTA), Kozhikode, Kerala
Ph.+91-9526019334, Email:mun999@gmail.com
Br. Joseph Charuplakkal, Head, Dept.of Social Work, Marian College (Autonomous), Idukki, Kerala
Ph.+91-9074626630, Email:br.josephcharu@mariancollege.org
Dr. Jobi Babu, MISS, Tamil Nadu
Ph.+91-8547961211, Email:jobifeb18@gmail.com
Mr.Muhammed Swalih. P., SSUS, RC-Tirur, Kerala
Ph.+91-8156915815, Email: pmswalih@gmail.com
Dr. Peter K Joy, Pathanamthitta, Kerala
Ph.+91-9446436918, Email:drpeterjoy@gmail.com
Ms. Noorjahan K, Wayanad, Kerala
Ph.8592884849, Email:nooriknj@gmail.com

Published by: Kerala Association of Professional Social Workers (KAPS)
Contact: All postal communications to be addressed to:
Editor, Empower – The Journal of Social Work,
KAPS Office, Department of Social Work,
BCM College, Kottayam – 686 001, Kerala, India
E-Mail : empowerjournal@gmail.com, kapsresearchwing@gmail.com
Phone: +91-9895364053 (Chief Editor), +91- 4812582171 (O), +91- 9446448215 (Asso.Editor)

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